Govt. Polytechnic, Delhi Bye-Pass, Near GJU, Hisar - 125001
Govt. Polytechnic, Delhi Bye-Pass, Near GJU, Hisar - 125001

PWD Scheme


MHRD has selected our institute as a centre to introduce its PWD scheme. In this scheme, persons with different disabilities can take training so that they can start their own work on their own without any help. Now – a – days, the students with disabilities are known as special students.

Year of Starting of the Scheme: July , 2001

Objectives of the scheme: The sole purpose of the scheme is to impart appropriate formal and non-formal Technical and Vocational Education to the Persons With Disabilities and to provide them equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation in the building of nation.

Proposed Training Programmes

Under this Scheme, there are two types of training programmes for Persons for Disabilities.

A. Formal Training Program
B. Non-formal Training Program

A. Formal Training Program :- Under formal training programmes, 25 PWD’s are admitted per year in three years Engg. diploma courses in the trades of Mech. Engg., Electronics & Comm. Engg., Textile Technology , Textile Design , Textile Processing , Computer Engg. and Instrumentation & Control Engg. The following facilities are given to the PWD’s going under this program.

  1. Free lodging & Boarding
  2. Free books and uniform
  3. Exemption from tuition fee
  4. Scholarship @ Rs. 250/- per month each student.

B. Non-formal Training Program: Under the non-formal training program, 100 PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) are trained per year in different need base courses such as Cutting & Tailoring , Motor-Winding, Radio & T.V.Repair, Refrigeration & A.C. Repair ,Beautician, Chalk & Candle and Computer Applications for the duration of Three to Six months. The following facilities are also provided to nor-formal trainees.

  1. Free training
  2. Scholarship @ Rs. 250/- per month
  3. Travelling allowance @ Rs. 200/- per month
  4. Mid-day meal @ Rs. 1000 /- per month
  5. Tool –Kit after the completion of training