G.D. Govt. Polytechnic, Hisar

Medical Electronics

The institute offers three year diploma course in Medical Electronics Engg. The department has well equipped labs with dedicated staff. It is the emerging branch of engineering that uniquely influence the vast knowledge base of medical and technology to improve quality and effectiveness of healthcare system.

Employment Opportunities

Since Medical Electronics Engg have both background i.e. medicine and engineering, employment opportunities in this engg field is thus vast. Medical Electronics engineers find employment in medical devices Manufaturing Companies, in Govt./ Private Hospitals, in Diagnostic Centres, scientific Research Centres for installation, maintenance and servicing of medical equipments. Medical Electronics engineers also be employed in Corporate hospitals for selecting, handling and maintaining equipments. There are few government agencies where medical electronics/ biomedical engg students can get recruited for product testing and safety standards for devices. “Centre and State Govt Scheme i.e. National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) and National Health Mission (NHM) are emphasised to provide best health services to citizens. To achieve this goal, its important that all healthcare system equipments keep working all time. Due to this, demand of specialised medical electronics engineers will always grow up.”

Medical Electronics Engg is a fascinating engineering field that involves the application of engineering techniques in healthcare system to improve the quality of human health. This course aims at students who are interested in both medicine and engineering. The goal of medical electronics engg is to improve diagnosis and treatment in healthcare by using engineering principles. The department is headed by Sh. Naresh kumar O/I.