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Training Policy

Haryana State Board of Technical Education Haryana, Panchkula
Office order No. 55 Dated:-21/02/2012

Please find enclosed Training Policy as approved in 11th Meeting of Haryana State Board of Technical Education.

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Training Policy for Polytechnic Faculty/ Staff

In this fast changing technology and development of information & communication technology in every area including education, the shelf life of knowledge earned is definitely on decrease. The issue becomes more prominent in dissemination of technical education. Usually the professional life of a teacher is around 30 years. It has also been seen that generally teachers in Polytechnics, after joining don’t go for any long term training program and there is not much of the motivation or desire to go even for short term training programs. The constraint may be family/ difficulty in re-location or just inertia. In almost all good organizations whether in the Private or in the Govt. there is a training policy for keeping their personnel up to date, motivated, to improve efficiency and retention of manpower etc. Accordingly, HSBTE proposes to have a training policy. The training policy may have 2 competent(s) one is Short Term Training and another is Long Term Training.

Short Term Training:

It is proposed that every faculty irrespective of their designation and level must undergo 10 days training in an academic year (the same provision has also been added in the proposed affiliation bye-laws). These 10 days may be divided in 2 or 3 slots. One of the slot is to be devoted to the area of the discipline in which concerned faculty is working and one slot is for interdisciplinary mode whereby different aspects of management are dealt with.  Regarding organization for the training programs NITTTR (Govt. of India Institution) & HIPA (Govt. of Haryana Institution) are already working in the area of training and offer various programs at almost no cost. It would be appropriate if the Principal(s) may be empowered to sponsor the faculty for participation in the programs offered by these 2 institutions.  Apex category of institutions are IIM, NITIE, NIT’s, Universities which offer programs from time to time although they charge for the program varying from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 70,000 depending upon duration of nature of the program. It would be appropriate if one faculty member participates in one of the program at least once in 2 years offered by these institutions.  International renowned institutions like MIT, Kellogg’s School, Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard also offer training programs. The faculty members at senior level may be considered for participation in international programs at least once in 5 years.  For newly recruited teachers- Faculty joining in Polytechnics possess either master’s degree in Humanities/ Applied sciences or bachelors degree in Engineering & Technology and have no formal training in dissemination of informal/formal teaching. They need to be trained in pedagogy, lesson planning, class room management, student’s evaluation and testing, conduct of laboratories, record keeping etc. It would be appropriate if it is made compulsory for participation in 3 week induction program offered by NITTTR and other institutions empowered by AICTE.  Training for instructors & foremen- There are Govt. of India Institutions like CTI/ISTC/NITTTR which offer training program for instructors. All Instructors must participate in at least 5 day training program per year in any of such institution.

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops:

Every faculty must participate/ present a paper once a year in a national conference and once in 5 years in international Conference. The expenditure for accepted paper in national conference to the tune of Rs. 5,000 and for international up to the tune of Rs. 50,000 shall be reimbursed by HSBTE/ Institutions/ Government. Faculty is also allowed for participation in conference/ seminar where the fee up to Rs. 2,500 and TA/DA is borne by Institution/ Board.

Hosting of Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Short Term Courses:

Every affiliated institution must organize at least one event once in a year of State level and once in 5 years of National level. The expenditure may be borne by AICTE (AICTE provides funding for these events/ student fund and partly by HSBTE).

Since Board is self-sustaining organization, a corpus needs to be created with contribution of all the affiliated institutions. It would be appropriate if Rs. one lac per year out of student fund is contributed to separate account maintained by Board and the expenditure on the entire activity is met without any distinction among Govt. / Private faculty members.

Summary of Training Schedule:

Domestic Training