Govt. Polytechnic, Delhi Bye-Pass, Near GJU, Hisar - 125001
Govt. Polytechnic, Delhi Bye-Pass, Near GJU, Hisar - 125001

Textile Design


The Textile Design department have well equipped labs and well qualified & dedicated staff members.Sh. Desh Deepak, Lecturer acts as Officer in Charge for the department and looks all the affairs of the department along with departmental staff members.

Welcome to department of Textile Design. Textile Design department was established in 1995. The department seeks to combine excellence in technical education with service to the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Textile Design department. Our goal is to provide students intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs. I am sure in times to come; many students from our department will make indelible mark nationally and internationally in the field of Textile Design and make us proud. We have young dynamic and experienced faculty with well equipped labs to inculcate up to date technical knowledge to our hard working students.

Dr. Desh Deepak
Ph.D (Textile Engineering)
Head of Department
Textile Design

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Desh Deepak Sr. Lecturer Ph.D.
2 Smt. Rekha Sharma Lecturer M. Tech.
3 Sh. Sunil Bhutani Lecturer B.Tech.
4 Sh. Sunil Dutt Lecturer M.Tech.
5 Sh. Yashwant Singh Lecturer M.Tech.
6 Sh. Sandeep Bherwan Guest Lecturer M.Tech.
7 Sh. Atul Kumar Guest Lecturer M.Tech.
Sr.No. Lab Name Subject Taught in Lab Incharge
1 Testing Quality and Control Lab Testing Quality Control-I and II Sh. Sunil Dutt

Smt.Rekha Sharma

2 Handloom Lab FM-I, II and III Sh. Sunil Dutt
3 Garment Design Lab Basic of Garment Construction Sh. Sunil Bhutani
4 Textile Processing Lab DT- I and PT, TP Sh. Sunil Bhutani
5 CAD Textile Design Lab CAD- I and CAD- II Sh. Yashwant Singh

Testing Quality and Control Lab (TQC):-

Testing Quality and Control Lab is a part of Textile Design Department. This lab is equipped with fibre, yarn and fabric testing equipments. It is having seating capacity of 60 students at a time.

Handloom Lab-

Handloom lab is a part of Textile Design Department. This lab is equipped with handloom dobby and jacquard. It gives all basic knowledge about weaving process which is an important segment of textile sector. It has seating capacity of 60 students at a time.

Garment construction Lab-

This lab provides practical knowledge about production of Garments from grey fabric. This lab contains Single Needle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine, Chain Stitch Sewing Machine, and over lock Stitching Machine. It has seating capacity of 30 students at a time.

Textile Processing Lab –

This lab is equipped with wide range of machines used in wet treatment and processing like JET Dyeing Machine, Lab package dyeing machine, Water Bath (6 x 5),, Hot Air Oven, Heating Plate, and Heating Plate with Stirrer, Digital pH Meter and Digital Weighing Balance. It has seating capacity of 60 students at a time.

Discipline Batch Total No. of
No. of
eligible for
No. of
students for
No. of
Placement %
2016-19 40 15 1 31 100
2017-20 42 26 4 16 61.54
2018-21 53 40 5 29 72.5
2019-22 54 37 3 22 59.46
Sr. NO. Month/Year Industry Branch Dated
1 Mar-18 Textile Associates of India,
New Delhi
Textile and Fashion 7/3/2018
2 Mar-18 H. P. Cotton Textile Mills Ltd.
Textile and Fashion 8/3/2018
3 Mar-19 Vaishnavi Textiles Pvt. LTd.
Textile and Fashion 8/3/2019
4 Dec-21 Norspin Pvt. Ltd.
TD Dec. 2021
5 Jan-22 Weaving Service Centre,
All branches Jan. 2022
6 Mar-22 R. S. Prinfab Ltd.
Textile 3/15/2022
7 Apr-22 IES University All branches 4/19/2022
8   GBTL Bhiwani Textile