G.D. Govt. Polytechnic, Hisar

Laboratories Details

Sr. No.Name of Lab Name of Lab Incharge
1.Instrumentation LabMr. Jayant Kumar, Lect.
2.Control & Automation LabMrs. Roshni, Lect.
3.Sensor & Transducer LabMs Richa, Guest Faculty

Instrumentation Lab: –

The Lab is well equipped with the instruments and it has a seating capacity of 30 students at a time. The Lab has specifically contains the power electronics instruments and various measurement and display instruments for the proper exposure of students.

Control & Automation Lab: –

The lab is well equipped with a seating capacity of 30 students at a time .This lab has been formed to provide the knowledge of control system and Automation (PLC) with practical. This will make our students capable to handle latest Instrumentation technology used in Industries.

Sensor Transducer Lab: –

This laboratories is well equipped with demonstrable working models and materials required for conducting individual as well as group experiments projects. The Working space of lab also very good with the capacity of 30 students .Through the practical sessions in the lab, students learn to reason, connect ideas and think logically about the concept of sensor , transducer measuring techniques.